Past Events

June 2016

Renewable Energy Asia 2016

LIGHTEXPO Africa 2016 

Asia Clean Energy Forum

Ashden International Conference

Webinar: GSMA M4D Utilities grantees webinar

Solar Africa Kenya

EU Sustainable Energy Week

Workshop: Off-Grid Solar Systems
(Intersolar Europe)

WEBINAR SERIES: how to viably market and distribute beneficial products to the BoP
Webinar 1: designing a winning value proposition and financial offer

18th Africa Energy Forum (AEF) 

Intersolar Europe 2016

2nd Off-Grid Power Forum at Intersolar Europe 2016

6th Zambia Renewable Energy & Power Generation Conference

Webinar: The Energy Diaries: How the Rural Poor Buy, Use and Think About Energy

2016 IEEE PES PowerAfrica Conference.
Electrifying Africa: Affordable Energy Enabling Socio-Economic Development.

WEBINAR SERIES: how to viably market and distribute beneficial products to the BoP
Webinar 2: choosing an appropriate marketing approach

Webinar: The big chill: Off-grid cooling for water, refrigeration, spaces, and more…

July 2016

WEBINAR SERIES: how to viably market and distribute beneficial products to the BoP
Webinar 3: setting up effective (last mile) distribution mechanisms

Solar Africa Tanzania

Webinar: Addressing Energy Governance: Questions of Scale and Scope

Webinar: Powering Healthcare: The State of Play in Health Facility Electrification

August 2016

India Energy Access Summit 2016 

Webinar: Women & energy entrepreneurship: Business models for off-grid energy and social impact, Part II 

Off-Grid Industry Networking Event (Global LEAP / CLEAN ) 

September 2016


FundForum Africa 2016

Investor Roundtable Webinar Series: Foundations

Webinar: Energy Efficiency for Energy Access: The Role of Social Innovation in Driving Change

EEP Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF)

Intersolar Middle East

Asia Power Week

International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve Energy Access

PowerTrends 2016

Off-Grid Electrification Expo: Solar Home Systems and Appliances (at PowerTrends 2016)  

Renewable Energy Data Collection and Processing Workshop for South Africa

Power Nigeria  

SEED Africa Symposium 2016

Investor-practitioner networking event  

Off-grid Matchmaking Event  

International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (IOREC 2016)  

October 2016

World Sustainable Development Summit 2016:  'Beyond 2015: People, Planet & Progress'  

Global Sources Electronics  

Powering Africa: Nigeria 2016  

Webinar: Investor Roundtable Webinar Series: Impact Funds

Webinar: Scaling up gender: Women in off-grid energy business models and supply chains

Solar for Development 

IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 

ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Week 

6th Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo (NAEE 2016) 

Intersolar India 2016 

Webinar: Market Development Trends in the African solar PV Off-Grid Sector

Webinar: Energy Access "Movers and Shakers" Showcase: State of Play and Potential for Scale in sub-Saharan Africa  

Sub Saharan Africa Power Summit 2016 

Energy Africa - 9th Annual Conference  

South African Solar Energy Conference, SASEC 2016 

November 2016

Delivering energy for all by 2030 panel discussion (Streamed live online)

iPAD Rwanda Power & Mining Investment Forum 

Unlocking Solar Capital Africa 

Webinar: The Poor People's Energy Outlook 2016: Putting Poor People at the Heart of National Energy Access Planning

Africa Renewable Energy Leaders' Summit (ARELS) 

HOMER International Microgrid Conference 


2016 Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum

BGS Solar Summit 

Webinar: Promoting Clean Mini-Grid Public-Private Partnerships for Rural Electrification in Nigeria

Enhancing Capacity of Women Micro-entrepreneurs to Sell Clean Energy Products 

Regional Workshop: Sustainable energy sources for rural development and climatic resilience of off-grid communities in Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico 

European Microfinance Week 

Webinar: Investor Roundtable Webinar Series: Funding Platforms

Webinar: Distributed Solar on the Grid: Key Opportunities and Challenges 

Webinar: Going off the grid: Disaster, resilience, and off-grid energy 

West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) 

3rd Africa Mini Grids Summit 2016

Solar & Off-grid Renewables | Solar Finance & Investment Southeast Asia 

Webinar: Involving Stakeholders in Adoption and Implementation of Building Energy Codes

December 2016


EEP Investor Forum

Africa Energy Forum: Off the Grid 

Webinar: Sustainable Financing for Sustainable Energy - Managing Currency Risk for Off-Grid Power

Power Providers Presents: Episode 1 - Solar Water Pumping

Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 

[WEBINAR] Growing smart villages: Energy and agriculture for development

January 2017

Energy Storage India 2017

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) 2017

Webinar: Introducing the GOGLA/Lighting Global sales data collection process and new online platform.

World Future Energy Summit (WFES) 2017

Webinar: Enabling Enterprise Development: A Selection of Best Practices in Harnessing Distributed Energy for Productive Uses

Webinar: Managing Risks in the Indonesian PV Market

Growing Economies: Project Finance Forum

Webinar: Facing the challenges of a booming solar portfolio 

Webinar: Keys to Unlocking Capital for Solar in Latin America 

Regional Energy Co-operation Summit

Powering Africa: Finance Options Meeting 2017

Power Tech Africa 2017

Enlightening the Mitigation Debate: The Importance of Sustainable Energy Access

Solar Finance & Investment Europe
Secondary Markets | Refinancing | Asset Management and O&M

Sustainable Energy Southern Africa Forum of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership

February 2017

Columbia University Energy Symposium

WebinarNigeria's Solar Market: Opportunities and Challenges in an Evolving Landscape 

Solar Finance & Investment

Energy Storage 2017

CTI PFAN Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFCEF-7)

Solar Middle East

WebinarSolar PV manufacturing and technology trends; impact of global market drivers

WebinarHealthy villages are smart villages: Health, energy, and development

Women Energy Conference

WebinarSolar Market Regulations and O&M developments in Japan

Africa Energy Indaba: Solutions for Africa

Clean Energy Finance Europe 2017

Sankalp Africa Summit 2017 

GSMA Mobile World Congress

Solar PV Trade Mission Indonesia

Training: Appropriate Technology for the Developing World

TrainingSolar Training - Advanced PV Multimode and Microgrid Design (Battery-Based)

WebinarPowering Healthcare: Approaches to Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions in the Health Sector

Energy Storage UK Summit

March 2017

World Sustainable Energy Days 2017

Trade Mission: Solar Energy and Small Hydro Power in Rwanda and Uganda

MIT Energy Conference

WebinarReducing Risk in West African Renewables Projects

Africa New Energy Conference 2017

SolarPower Summit

32nd Symposium Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Growing Economies: Latin America Energy Forum

Powering Africa: Summit 2017

Powerelec India 2017

WebinarSafety aspects of lithium storage systems (Fronius)

WebinarComparing the Abilities of Energy Storage, PV, and Other Distributed Energy Resources to Provide Grid Services

PV CellTech Conference 

Energy Storage Europe 2017

Green Business Week

Networking event for the Energy Access Practitioner Network

WebinarSolar+Storage for Low- and Moderate-Income Communities

Impact Capital Summit Europe 2017

ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

Power & Electricity World Africa 2017

The Solar Show Africa 2017

El Futuro Solar Argentina

4th Annual SEforALL Africa Workshop

  • March 29 - March 30
  • Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

WebinarLow-Income Solar, Part 2: Using the Tools of Low-Income Energy Efficiency Financing

WebinarRenewable Energy Transition: The Future of Renewable Energy Policy

WebinarTowards Universal Energy Access in West Africa: The Role of Distributed Energy Solutions for the Post-Ebola Recovery in Sierra Leone

April 2017

Trade Mission: Unlocking Business Opportunities for Solar and Biomass Energy in Nigeria

Sustainable Energy for All Forum: Going Further, Faster – Together

WebinarGOGLA Sustainability Webinar: How Can Your Business Become Future Fit?

Africa Renewable Energy Leaders' Summit (ARELS)

Clean Energy Summit Africa

7th Annual Zambia International Mining and Energy conference and exhibition (ZIMEC 2017)

4th Solar Kenya 2017

6th Power & Energy Africa 2017

3rd IEF-OFID Symposium on Energy Poverty

WebinarThe Next Steps in Scaling Finance for Energy Access: Syndicating Deals between Multiple Lenders 

WebinarRisk Assessment of Power Projects

Africa Climate Resilient Infrastructure Summit (ACRIS)

SEED South Africa Symposium 

4th Lightexpo Africa 2017

Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT 2017)

The Future of Energy Summit

The Solar Future Nigeria

Clean Energy Summit

India’s Renewable Energy Congress – InREC 2017

The PhotoVoltaic Technical Conference 2017 (PVTC 2017)

May 2017

WebinarGOGLA Off-Grid Solar Investment Academy - Funding your Off-Grid Energy Enterprise: What you need to know

World Economic Forum on Africa

WebinarGlobal Off-Grid Solar Market Report - Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data, H2 2016: Key Findings and Insights

Vienna Energy Forum

Solar Africa 2017

Lightexpo Africa 2017

Power & Energy Africa 2017

Saudi Power

Africa’s Premier Infrastructure Summit (AFC Live 2017)

African Utility Week

Zambia Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference

7th International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2017)

LVDC Conference on Sustainable Electricity Access 

FT Climate Finance Summit: Scaling up Finance for Climate Action

GOGLA Annual Member Conference 2017 

WebinarBest Practices for Decentralized Energy Solutions Focusing on Lighting & Power in Humanitarian Settings

Asian Utility Week 2017

WebinarCrowd-Financing Solar for Nonprofits Serving Low-Income Communities

Intersolar Europe: Off-Grid Power Conference

Intersolar Europe 2017

June 2017

Asia Clean Energy Forum 2017 (ACEF)

Africa Energy Forum (AEF)

Renewable Energy Asia 2017

REACT HS Country marketing engagement event - Zimbabwe

UN Foundation-GOGLA Distribution Workshop

Scaling clean energy innovation: Expanding markets, reaching new places and developing capacity

Unlocking Solar Capital LATAM


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