The latest in a series of high profile renewable energy acquisitions for the French energy giant, ENGIE has announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in Fenix International, a U.S. company active in the residential lease-to-own sector in several African countries.

Locally, coal kills people through air and water pollution. Globally, coal kills people by exacerbating climate change. It’s unconscionable for any country to permit further coal expansion if there are reasonable alternatives.

“In 2017 SolarTurtle pivoted to address additional needs identified in the off-grid market. Not only are we doing energy kiosk in containers but our technology has now also found its way to the banking industry."

The northern New South Wales town of Tyalgum is powering toward being Australia's first town to completely drop out of the national electricity grid.

AMDA was created to help achieve a long-term solution to electricity poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the “vast majority” (about 80 percent) of the 600 million connections needed could come from private utilities, which are starting to reach critical mass in a growing number of countries.

Many international NGOs are still struggling to work out how they can find their role in the inclusive business landscape. Here are three major roles that NGOs could play.

The jury awarded the foundation for her holistic work to reduce poverty in developing countries through supply of solar energy solutions in off-grid areas.

Impact investing was originally created to improve the lives of others; that impact investing could also deliver financial returns to investors was a means to that end. But nowadays, achieving predefined financial returns has become the primary goal, with the needs of investors taking priority over the interests of the communities their funding seeks to benefit.

Why should rural electrification efforts worldwide isolate cooking from other core applications such as lighting, fans, phone charging, and TV? Why can’t electricity for cooking be included in the overall solution? Why should the alternative to biomass burning which causes 1.3 million untimely deaths due to smoke inhalation in India, only be LPG?

Cost-effective advanced battery technology is helping solar companies tap into the rural electrification market, which covers 18% of the world’s population. One start-up, Hong Kong-based Plug the Sun, is aiming to install 25,000 rural electrification systems over the next year within two projects alone.


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