Batteries have been beating expectations in recent years as costs continue to fall. That's good news for the storage industry, but reveals a shortcoming in the scientific understanding of the trend.

Groh wins the award for the project The Energiewende 3.0 - Smart P2P Solar Grids. A SOLshare grid is created when rural households or SMEs agree on setting up a “swarm network” that consists of existing and new solar home systems (SHSs) and storage devices and enables the interconnection of larger loads.

Kingo, a Guatemala-based provider of a pre-paid solar energy service, offers solar energy kits to off-grid households at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Its model requires no loans, no installation fees and no maintenance costs.

Scale-Ups are tackling energy access, small farm irrigation, portable medical diagnostics, online education, and support for local artisans in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Winners and Finalists of the 2016-17 Global LEAP Awards for Outstanding Off-Grid Televisions and Fans were announced today by USAID Power Africa's Beyond the Grid Initiative.

In the wake of increasing solar power deployment in Africa – a movement that has gained momentum across the entire solar value chain, Africa is now battling the challenge of huge economic losses arising from import reliance. This is made worse by her position as one of the largest solar markets in the world.

LUX Resorts & Hotels has implemented solar panels and batteries to fully substitute diesel-based power generation for the needs of Ile des Deux Cocos, off-grid South-East Mauritius.

The company landed an $11 million equity investment from Enel Green Power in Powerhive's flagship microgrid project in Kenya, which is expected to serve approximately 90,000 people.

A new method of laying arrays of solar PV panels using a small team of workers and a forklift is drawing attention of mining executives.

The price of the panels and battery storage is £6,925, and that "homeowners can pay off the capital invested in the system in roughly 12 years".


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