Sun Transfer Ethiopia wins $100,000 to sell solar home systems to rural households through an energy lending scheme, and empower small solar entrepreneurs to sell, install, and provide after-sales service for the systems.

3rd International Conference, Bangalore, April 23 – 25, 2015, Call for Papers.

Samsung hinted that the new innovation was a move in line with the company’s “Built for Africa” initiative.

From grid-based electricity we are moving toward personal electricity, or home-based electricity.

A pilot project in the Solomon Islands is training women to become solar technicians and entrepreneurs.

Arso Amba will become the next solar village of Stiftung Solarenergie in Ethiopia.

Hong Kong manufacturer of high quality solar systems will assemble solar lanterns and modular Solar-Home-Systems in Ethiopia for local market.

SunTransfer Kenya sells Solar-Home-Systems with next generation of SunControl payment-charge controler.

Niwa-Solar products for solar companies in Philippines and Ethiopia.

But the World Bank's commitment neglects off-grid solutions!