Start-up SunCycles Namibia produces various electric bicycles, electric scooters, solar-charging units and solar home systems that incorporate lithium-ion battery technology and are powered purely by the Namibian sun.

A debate has raged over the role and impact of the CFA franc in West Africa. Supporters of the controversial exchange rate arrangement argue that the peg to the Euro has delivered a credible and stable currency while keeping inflation low.

We should focus less on how much power people use and more on how much productivity a household can get out of a fixed amount of power. Access to an unlimited supply of power at $.10 kWh is a good option only when the power can be used for something.

China currently is at the center of global energy transformation, surpassing US and Europe. The energy revolution in China serves as a great model to other developing countries that need build more energy resources and infrastructures to sync with their growth.

Legislation proposed in Florida could see solar and energy storage become part of the go-to solution for providing energy resiliency against natural disasters and helping restore power in their aftermath. Systems would have to have ‘islanding’ capabilities i.e. to be able to work independently of grid.

The FEI OGEF is a $100 million blended finance debt fund designed to provide loans in local and hard currencies to off-grid energy companies with the dual objectives of scaling up access to clean electricity for off-grid households and crowding in local financial institutions as co-lenders.

You'd expect energy prices to go up around the world during these winter months, but this isn't the case everywhere. In Germany, electricity prices actually went into negative figures several times over the festive season.

The need for a woman’s touch is not the only thing that sets this market apart from other energy sectors worldwide. Take customer relations. Most customers in developed countries dread a call to a service provider.

In Malawi, and other places in Africa, the renewable energy markets are flooded with an extraordinarily poor quality of imported solar PV equipment. The financial burden of early product failures on this disadvantaged population has the undesirable effect of constraining the rate of electrification.

Investment firm Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) has announced a first closing of over EUR50 million for its IPAE 2 fund, which will invest in small and medium sized businesses in Africa that combine economic profitability with societal impact.


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