Advancements in solar technology is not limited to standard equipment as new and more efficient solar panels and inverter are under way. Enough solar and storage systems can get buildings completely off-grid. Moreover, energy storage is now moving towards mass market adoption, becoming a choice for regular homeowners.

As the first European B Corporation, WakaWaka goes public today and offers shares via NPEX, the Dutch financing platform for SME´s. B Corporations are independently certified organizations ´that use business as a force for good’.

The company’s number of stores in Europe and the United States has tripled to more than 600 across both continents in 2017. WakaWaka will offer part of its shares via NPEX and is hoping to raise 2.5 million euros.

An energy revolution is happening in Africa where off-grid and mini-grid power generation is no longer a short-term fix, but rather a permanent solution. New and cheaper technologies, especially in the renewable energy sector, coupled with affordable energy storage, are driving this revolution.

A look at how energy storage is expanding across the world.

Africa is proving to be a growth market as well and likely to drive investment numbers. The World Bank estimates that if sub-Saharan Africa’s economies had dependable electricity, GDP growth across the region could be up to 2% higher per annum than current rates. Africa is seen as an excellent home for grid scale and mini-grid power projects to reach all 1.2 billion of its inhabitants.

Innovative solutions that connect with people’s real life situations, and that take the voices of the poor into account, are critical in shaping solutions ending poverty.

The Tesla big battery is possibly the most bally-hooed installation in Australia’s electricity grid for the last half century. But the excitement, from its owners and developers, from competitors, analysts and grid operators, is as exciting as it is infuriating for those who seek to dismiss it.

The terms “microgrid” and “energy storage” are used interchangeably – implying energy storage systems naturally provide energy security. It is important to recognize that microgrids and energy storage are not the same thing.

Most oil and gas supermajors are not presenting future energy scenarios in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, where renewable energy plays a central role. Shell’s new report shows a world where solar meets the largest portion of primary energy demand as soon as 2050.

An Israeli campaign is underway in sub-Saharan Africa on winning over African nations, which, partly due to significant Muslim minority populations, have often constituted a bloc of opposition at the UN.