Business categories

 Solar lanterns / Pico SHS (Plug&Play)
 Installed SHS with applications
 Special systems: water pump, health stations, street lights etc.


 Assembling / Manufacturing
 End user finance (PAYG) 

NRS Enlight FZE
P.O. Box No. 261218
Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 888 0125
Fax: +971 4 888 0124
Email: info@remove-this.nrs-enlight.com 
Website: www.nrs-enlight.com 
■ ■ 

Man Energy LLC
PO Box 128448
Dubai, UAE

Phaesun Middle East
Enpark, Dubiotech, Al Barsha,
P.O.Box 500767,
Dubai, UAE

Golden Square Building,
Shop # 14, P O Box 120599,
Naif Road, Deira, 
Dubai, UAE


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