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In 2012, seven partners founded GOGLA as an off-grid association: D.Light, Energy For Opportunity, Greenlight Planet, Osram, Philips, SunTransfer and...

Celeste da Silva and her husband Clementino grinned broadly as they held up the recent addition to their modest tin-roofed home in Soru, a hamlet...

Exciting lessons of a research paper

In Europe, the question of the planned obsolescence in electronic products is being increasingly discussed. The term "planned obsolescence" describes...

When exploring the challenges and the role of access to lighting (through access to energy) it is surprising to note that human nature tends to focus...

Will the World Bank follow in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt and Muhammad Yunus?

29.05.2013 , Mark Hankins

Why Africa is Missing the Solar Power.

How we can move solar forward

Earlier this year Endeavor Insight, the research arm of Endeavor, cited evidence indicating that when faced with tradeoffs between social and...

A project of myclimate, Zürich

A report from "Practical Action"


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