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Business tool: Finding the Customer’s Needs

Provided by GSES, Content Partner for the Sendea Business Tools

A poor sales person will just want to talk to the customer about “their product”. They will quickly show and talk about the brochures and tell the customer what the features and benefits are of the product. But any product has many features and benefits. What features and benefits interests this customer? You might talk about features and benefits that do not interest the customer; they then quickly lose interest in you.

As an example a person walks into an electrical store and the sales person immediately starts talking about the different size TV’s, how the remote control works etc. All the customer wants is a small TV that can work off battery power. Will he buy from that person? Probably not, the sales person did not determine what the customer’s needs were and therefore could not solve their problem. Who would trust a doctor who tries tried to sell the person a pill or drug before finding out what they needed. 

A good sales person will ask intelligent questions to find out the customers real needs and therefore help you, the salesperson, tell them how your product meets these needs.


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