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Lighting Global: Study about SunnyMoney and M-KOPA

Digitally financed off-grid solar has transitioned from pilot scale to a diverse and substantial sub-sector of the global off-grid energy market. Today nearly 30 companies operating in at least 32 countries provide access to consumer capital for off-grid solar using digital finance, opening access to vital electricity services.

Lighting Global published a paper about the approach and challenges of two PAYG companies and their work in Kenya: SunnyMoney and M-KOPA. Both started as simple lantern selling companies and then made the next step to sell Pico SHS. It is the same step Lighting Global now is taking, walking the "Energy ladder" for distributors and manufacturers. 

It is a pity that the study doesn’t reflect the main PAYG market: the sale of Solar-Home-Systems for full power supply. Companies working in this field are for instance SunTransfer, Mobisol, Bboxx.

But even if the study is limited to a small segment of the PAYG market, the document shows some valuable findings.




Download the full study here.