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New service for off-grid entrepreneurs: Sendea News

Solar companies in developing countries are given a new opportunity to learn about technology and product trends: a free newsletter designed specifically for their needs, provided by, the largest off-grid product database.

The weekly service includes selected information from the following areas:

  • Technology
  • Products
  • Solar entrepreneurship
  • Country News

The weekly Sendea newsletter is provided in cooperation with Sun-Connect News and is part of the concept of providing support especially to local solar entrepreneurs in the supply of sustainable off-grid solutions.

The registration for the newsletter is possible here


In addition, offers a unique opportunity to find out about off-grid products: the online available free database contains more than 600 products, with technical specifications and partly customer ratings. For the first time, off-grid companies are able to obtain a comprehensive overview of the offered products.


As a further support for local solar companies, Sun-Connect News offers a free upgrade to the business membership. The solar off-grid industry in Africa and Asia nowadays is mainly dominated by international factories or distribution companies.

However, the establishment of local solar companies, which work independently and are majority owned by domestic entrepreneurs, is important for sustainable job creation in the off-grid industry.

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