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SunTransfer searches for investors: Rural franchise network in Kenya and the Philippines

The key to sustainable access to energy in rural areas of developing countries is to set up a reliable and professional service network present on site. During the last years, the Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation and the company SunTransfer have successfully built a rural service network in Ethiopia, from which now approximately 1 million people benefits.
The company SunTransfer is currently looking for new investors to set up the successful Ethiopian model also in Kenya and the Philippines. In both countries, about 25 million people have no sustainable energy supply.
Through the service network of rural solar centers, SunTransfer installs and sells mainly Solar-Home-Systems for lighting, entertainment and communication. The sale is supported by a own private micro-credit system.
The key to success is however the local presence of qualified solar technicians in the solar centers. Only this enables a reliable maintenance and after-sales service - a main selling point for rural population.
The demand for SunTransfer products and services in the partner countries is great. The market is not dependent on government subsidies. An interesting capital investment.

Interested investors may obtain more information via: mail@remove-this.suntransfer.com