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Launch of AECF REACT Mozambique

Are you in low cost, clean energy or looking for solutions that help farmers adapt to climate change?

The AECF will soon launch a round of Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Technologies for Mozambique (REACT Mozambique), to catalyze private sector investment and innovation in low cost, clean energy and climate change technologies. 

REACT Mozambique seeks proposals to transform the way in which clean energy is provided to rural businesses and households, provide solutions that will help small farmers adapt and reduce their vulnerability to climate change, and increase financial services in support of clean energy and climate change solutions. Proposals should combine commercial viability with development impact. 

African and international for-profit companies are eligible to apply. (There is no restriction on where the applicant company is from.) Funding is provided as grants and interest free repayable grants. Supported projects must take place in Mozambique. The application deadline is May 18, 2013. Visit the AECF website www.aecfafrica.org/react  to find out more. The call for applications will open on March 18, 2012.

The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) provides grants and interest free loans to businesses who wish to implement innovative, commercially viable, high impact projects in Africa in the areas of agriculture, financial services, renewable energy, and technologies for adapting to climate change.

For enquiries, please email: info@remove-this.aecfafrica.org

More information: http://react.aecfafrica.org/