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Harald Schützeichel

Sun-Connect eG: a new cooperative to finance off-grid energy

The double funding gap

The distribution of solar energy in off-grid regions fails nowadays mostly due to the high acquisition costs. But through the payment in installments people are easily able to purchase a Solar Home System. The money which was previously spent on energy needs (candles, kerosene, batteries) is used to pay back the loan. Depending on the household’s size and income, a rural family in Kenya for example spends between 5 and 20 US-Dollars per month for kerosene, batteries and candles. This money is now used to pay back the Solar Home System. The Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation has proven this exemplary with its Revolving Fund in rural Ethiopia, in one of the poorest regions worldwide. 

But very often, local solar entrepreneurs in developing countries have challenges to even import Solar Home Systems. Because they do not receive sufficient loans from banks and investors with acceptable conditions. Also "Social Impact Funds" are rarely willing to give these solar entrepreneurs a loan with acceptable conditions.

This double funding gap considerably handicaps it to overcome energy related poverty in developing countries.


Sun-Connect eG

Sun-Connect eG is closing this double gap: The trade cooperative based in Germany delivers solar products to chosen partners in developing countries. Through a supplier credit we enable our partners to deliver their customers in rural regions with solar energy and – if needed – facilitate the payment through a passed credit.

Sun-Connect eG finances this product range:

  •  12V Solar-Home-System for light, mobile charging and TV. The system uses the pay-to-own charge controller SunControl and the management software M-Solar (both designed by SunTransfer).

  • 6V Modular Solar-Home-Systems from NIWA Solar: an innovative new way to make solar systems 100% modular.

  • Energy efficient 16'' TV (12V).

  • Mobile solar lanterns from NIWA Solar (brightness minimum 100 lumen).

In order to foster local economies, Sun-Connect eG collaborates closely with local partners. These are mainly small and medium solar enterprises which show a sustainable commitment in their activities. 


Sun-Connect eG offers 1,000 memberships in a first step

Sun-Connect eG Investing members invest an amount of minimum 2.000 Euro. The expected annual dividend is about 3%. In a first offer the new cooperative offers 1,000 memberships à 2,000 Euro to interested people worldwide.

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