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America: market potential for off-grid electrification of 2.5 billion (OBIN America)

With the "Off-Grid Business Indicator" (OBIN), the Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation has for the first time brought together information from different data sources and prepared them focused on their relevance for the off-grid market. The first two parts (OBIN Africa and OBIN South(East) Asia) are now followed by  the third part for America. The information for each country is divided into information on the off-grid market potential and the country-specific business environment.


Executive Summary: America

  • Market potential:
    2520 mill. USD for basic power supply
    363 mill. USD of the more than 300 mill. kerosene lamps
  • The five biggest markets:
    1. Haiti
    2. Peru
    3. Guatemala
    4. Honduras
    5. Bolivia
  • The most problematic factors for business:
    1. Corruption
    2. Inefficient government bureaucracy
    3. Access to finance
  • Population Off-Grid:
    19.7 mill. = 19.7 %


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