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Global LEAP to Host Off-Grid Industry Networking Event in Dhaka, Bangladesh

On July 31–August 1, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) and the Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association will host an Off-Grid Industry Networking Event. 

This event will bring together off-grid solar market leaders and manufacturers of super-efficient, high-quality off-grid appliances—including winners and finalists of the inaugural Global LEAP Outstanding Off-Grid Appliance Awards—to accelerate the growth of off-grid markets in Bangladesh and across the globe. 

The global off-grid appliance and solar home system (SHS) market is growing rapidly and transforming the lives of millions of un- and under-electrified households throughout the developing world. In Bangladesh—the world’s largest and most dynamic SHS market—dozens of SHS companies have sold more than 3 million SHS/appliance bundles over the past decade. 

Quality-assured, super-efficient off-grid appliances, like those identified by the Global LEAP Awards, offer the modern energy services demanded by off-grid consumers while catalyzing demand for off-grid clean energy systems.

Super-efficient appliances use dramatically less energy and reduce the size and cost of the solar home systems needed to provide service, thereby unlocking vast new market segments. In fact, emerging research shows that super-efficient off-grid appliances can reduce the price of solar home systems by up to 50%.  

Off-grid clean energy companies and appliance manufacturers attending the Global LEAP Off-Grid Industry Networking Event can meet one another, discuss business opportunities, and explore ways to partner in the rapidly growing off-grid market. The event will feature the round-robin networking structure of the highly successful business-to-business Global LEAP “PlugFest” held at the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial in Seoul, Korea, in May 2014.

Appliance manufacturers, SHS companies, mini- or micro-grid developers, and other clean energy access stakeholders are invited to attend. Attending the Event is free.


To register:  http://bit.ly/1Bl6vj0