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South(East) Asia: market potential for off-grid electrification of 65 billions (OBIN Asia)

With the "Off-Grid Business Indicator" (OBIN), the Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation has for the first time brought together information from different data sources and prepared them focused on their relevance for the off-grid market. After the publication of the first Indicator "OBIN Africa" now comes the second part South(East) Asia. The information for each country is divided into information on the off-grid market potential and the country-specific business environment.


Executive Summary: South(East) Asia

  • Market potential:
    64.85 billions USD for basic power supply
    9.264 billions USD of the more than 300 mill. kerosene lamps
  • The five biggest markets:
    1. India
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Indonesia
    4. Pakistan
    5. Myanmar
  •  The most problematic factors for business: 
    1. Corruption
    2. Inefficient government bureaucracy
    3. Access to finance
  • Population Off-Grid: 
    593.0 mill. = 29.3 %


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