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Pobitra Kumar Halder

Md. Shohel Parvez

Financial Analyses and Social Impact of Solar Home Systems in Bangladesh: A case Study

Rural illumination in Bangladesh primarily depends on the kerosene based hurricanes and lamps. In addition, car batteries and dry cell batteries are used to run TV, radio and small watt fluorescent light. This study was carried out in two selected villages in Khulna district, Bangladesh. Six case studies were analyzed to check financial feasibility and questionnaires survey method was followed to find out the impacts of solar home systems (SHSs) on social life of rural people. The economic analysis of 20, 40, and 42 Wp SHS shows the high economic benefits. The study also illustrates that, the solar home systems with small income generation are more acceptable than solar home systems used only for lighting purpose. Moreover, the quality of light provides more opportunity for household work and increases study period in the night and hence improves the quality of lifestyle in rural areas. 


Download the full paper here.