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Social Impact Report Juli - December 2015

"In 2013, the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) convened a working group on impact metrics to produce a harmonized industry standard for reporting on social impact for consistent use across the sector. At the time, there was no standard for calculating impact in the sector and, as a result, different organizations used different approaches or were limited in their capacity to report and communicate on this.

The use of different approaches undermines credibility of results and prevents industry-wide aggregation. Credible benchmarking is important for policy discussions, advocacy efforts, and other initiatives where robust impact figures influence sector-related support and decisions. The vision of these metrics is to accurately describe estimated impacts in a harmonized and comparable manner. The mission is to attract investment, working capital, and regulatory support for the off-grid lighting industry that will help the sector to scale. 

In the last two years the working group - comprised of member companies, associated members, and external experts - developed a set of metrics that allow the harmonized reporting. A key challenge to building standardized social impact metrics is that many of the benefits from off-grid lighting are difficult to track directly. For example, improvements in educational, health, and livelihood outcomes for people who adopt improved lighting. In a first step, the working group therefore developed metrics that are 1) relatively easy to track and measure, and 2) are linked through research and practical experience to the critical development outcomes.

In January 2016, GOGLA members were asked, for the first time, to also report data that allows for the calculation of the company as well as the sector estimated impact. For this purpose, the regular halfyearly sales data collection of GOGLA and Lighting Global was extended to include questions on product characteristics and company information that allow for calculation of impacts. 

The following pages present the aggregated data of the participating companies. This report is the first in a series of half-yearly reports, aligned with the half-yearly sales data reporting already undertaken by GOGLA and Lighting Global. 

As outlined, this is the first time GOGLA has reported on social impact metrics. The metrics will continue to be refined and expanded as GOGLA develops and improves the way it collects data and learns from that data. Therefore the impact data collection is very much a ‘work in progress’." 


Download the full report here.