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The Benefits and Risks of Solar Powered Irrigation - a global overview

The report gives a state-of-the-art overview of policies, regulations and  incentives for the sustainable use of solar-powered irrigation technologies (SPIS) around the world. SPIS offer a viable, low-tech energy solution for irrigated agriculture, providing a reliable source of energy in remote areas, contributing to rural electrification, reducing energy costs for irrigation and enabling low emission agriculture.

Nevertheless, SPIS have a significant initial investment cost and require innovative financing models to overcome this barrier to adoption, especially for small-scale farmers. Technical knowledge and service infrastructure is needed to ensure that the systems run effectively. Moreover, SPIS – if not adequately managed - bear the risk of fostering unsustainable water use as lower energy costs may lead to over-abstraction of groundwater.

This report looks at how different countries work to create an enabling environment for SPIS technologies, while managing the risks that come with it.


Download the report here.