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29.01.2021 , Ellen Dobbs

Refugees need clean energy help now

Displaced people face some of the biggest challenges accessing affordable, climate-smart energy – but a shift in attitudes and financing can help

The question of how the acceptability of renewable energy can be achieved at the community level has been a matter of ongoing discussion. In this...

Globally, millions of people don’t have access to water in their home. They collect water from shared water supply points or surface water sources and...

1. Ag-energy solutions are most successful when agricultural actors lead, and energy and technology solutions follow

Ag-energy opportunities need to...

“Exponential growth” predicted for solar on farms as growers seek cheaper, more reliable energy.

Charcoal-filled traditional irons cause air pollution and tree cutting in India - but a 14-year-old's solar innovation could help

16.11.2020 , Jenny Corry Smith and Siena Hacker (CLASP)

Averting a COVID-19 food disaster by using solar agricultural technology

The Pandemic Compounds a Global Food Crisis

“By the end of 2020, 12,000 people per day could die from hunger linked to COVID-19, potentially...

On a hot dry morning at the Kambi Mstuni farm in central Kenya, farm manager Jasper Etali happily emerges from his cold room unit. After months of...

29.09.2020 , Elliot Avila, Access to Energy Institute

Productive use needs a modeling approach - A2EI Productive Use Report

How this study came about

I could not tell you how many meetings I have been in where we sat around a table and brainstormed a list of...

25.09.2020 , International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Advancing the accurate tracking of energy poverty

IIASA researchers have developed a novel measurement framework to track energy poverty that better aligns with the services people lack rather than...