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3rd International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Trade Fair

November 13-15, 2012

Dakar, Senegal: King Fahd Palace Hotel

Follow-up to prior, highly successful events held in Accra, Ghana, 2008, and Nairobi, Kenya, 2010 the event in Dakar is organized by Lighting Africa, with support of the Senegal Rural Electrification Agency (ASER). 
Benefits of attending are networking and information exchange, Business-to-Business (B2B) linkages of global manufacturers and local suppliers, increasing investor support for improved lighting products and services, highlighting business and financing models for lighting projects, and obtaining updated information on Lighting Africa/Global activities.  Key conference topics include:

  • Meeting the Rural Electrification Challenge: Role for Modern Lighting 
  • Sustainable Energy for All: Opportunities for Off-Grid Lighting 
  • Reaching the Base of the Pyramid: Impacts, Market Status, and Trends 
  • Financing Across the Supply Chain 
  • Engaging the Public Sector: A Panel Discussion 
  • Product Advances in Off-Grid Lighting 
  • Environmental and Social Responsibilities 
  • Going to Scale—Business Models for Off-Grid Lighting 
  • Consumer Perspectives 
  • Quality Assurance in the Off-Grid Lighting Market 
  • Quality Assurance Communication Strategies 
  • Reaching the Last Mile: Issues and Approaches 
  • Lighting Africa/Global —The Way Forward

More information: http://www.lightingafrica.org/2012conference .