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GOGLA launched Kerosene Price Index

The majority of the off-grid population in developing and emerging countries relies on kerosene lamps for illumination. Approximately 1.4 billion people spend more than $30 billion every year purchasing kerosene for lighting, which often represents 10-25% of their income. Today, other renewable off-grid lighting solutions are available as a substitute for outdated and polluting kerosene lamps that are unsafe and expensive to use. 

In order to estimate the economic impact and to build a business case for the transition from kerosene based lighting to efficient off-grid lighting solutions, it is necessary to understand the real price of kerosene to the end user. Additionally, kerosene prices that appear in official databases often differ from actual pricing in the field, especially in rural areas. 

To compile concrete information about kerosene prices around the world, GOGLA has developed a web-based interactive tool to provide users with accurate kerosene pricing in countries throughout the world. The GOGLA Global Kerosene Price Index is a streamlined method for gathering and sharing information and for tracking the price structure and the development of kerosene prices globally.

The Index is based on voluntary monthly reporting from the input of various stakeholders including; international organizations, civil society and individuals. The prices will be regularly updated according to the reporting input. To ensure that this resource is accurate and reflects the current kerosene prices  around the world, continuous contributions from stakeholders will be essential.

How to contribute

To provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on kerosene prices around the world, GOGLA seeks institutional and/or individual contributions. All contributors will be acknowledged on the GOGLA website. You can become a member of the GOGLA reporting community by completing the form below and sending it to index@remove-this.gogla.org. By joining, you agree to support the Kerosene Price Index initiative on a monthly basis by reporting the kerosene price per liter from supply locations in your area.

More information: www.gogla.org