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NEW! Sun-Connect East Africa News

East Africa is one of the strongest markets for decentralized energy solutions. In Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania not only are numerous of the international PAYG companies active, but also many local suppliers offer decentralized solar technology as solutions for households, institutions and communities. There is also interesting growth in micro-grid and backup solutions for institutions and companies.

Reason enough for Sun-Connect to offer its own news portal specifically for this region from June 2018:


Sun-Connect East Africa News


The website will present with the usual reliability up-to-date information on all regional developments in the field of decentralized energy technology.

The new website also has its own newsletter, which complements the global newsletter that has been published since 2010:

  • Sun-Connect Global News: delivered weekly on Wednesday
  • Sun-Connect East Africa News: delivered weekly on Monday


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We are pleased to be able to better fulfill the information needs of local market players with this supplementary offer.


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