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On the market: 7.5 hours of DVD without electricity

Sony introduced onto the market a new and improved version of its DVD player DVP-FX950 in summer 2010. As a great improvement, the machine now has LED background lighting.

The player, which has a 9-inch screen and a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, now uses only 6.5 watts at 9 volts.
The most captivating feature of the DVP-FX950 is its extremely clear picture. The stated battery time of 7.5 hours is attainable only with screen brightness reduced to minimum and the use of headphones. With maximum brightness and active loudspeakers, batteries last 5.25 hours.
Meanwhile, Sony has brought another update to the market, the DVP-FX970. Exactly why they have decided to do without the LED background lighting on this model remains a mystery.
The DVP-FX950 is available from the manufacturer for 159.99 US dollars, the newer model costs 10 US dollars less. 

Source: sun-connect 6 | July 2011 (p. 11)