Headquartered in Mauritius, ESCOTEL will provide energy services to mobile tower owners and operators, owning and operating decentralised renewable energy infrastructure across Africa.

BioLite announced that through the company’s efforts to reach rural off-grid communities, BioLite’s clean energy solutions have impacted over one million lives in emerging markets.

As part of the partnership, the Government of the country is providing a 50% subsidy to halve the cost of irrigation systems for 5,000 farmers.

The engineers of Enteria and the IT technicians of iSAtech Wasser GmbH give the starting signal: Water and energy, two basic elements of human life, have been successfully coupled in the Smart Water Cloud of the Mati Mati project to supply people in arid regions with clean water.

Set up in 2015, Brighte was one of the first providers of buy now, pay later finance online for home energy improvements such as solar panels and home batteries.

The 100 minigrids in India and Tanzania each provide about 50 kW of power, enough energy to bring electricity to homes, schools, agricultural processing facilities, retail shops, factories, cold storage, and water filtration operations.

REPP bought the shares in a fund-raising exercise that enabled the battery rental service provider to raise nearly $2.7 million for its expansion in the sub-region.

SOLshare currently has 34 grids across Bangladesh and India, helping to lift nearly 5,000 people out of energy poverty.

Following this week’s completion of a £2 million Series A funding round led by REPP’s equity investment, Mobile Power is now set for rapid expansion, with plans to enter the Nigerian market next year whilst supporting various existing partnership projects in Uganda, Zambia and Gambia.

Samansco Industries is the local Premium Partner of Phocos.

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