International solar developer Solarcentury gives 5% of net profit every year to SolarAid, a UK based international charity which exists to bring solar light and power to communities in Africa without access to electricity.

What’s noteworthy is the customer base of the new company. It’s targeting microgrids for small to medium-sized buildings, those with an electrical load under 5 MW.

We set out to build products that would: 1) reduce operational costs for energy service providers; 2) increase localization of the value chain; and 3) empower local companies to gain full control when putting together their own product packages to offer to local markets.

The innovative fosera.IGNITE is PAYGO compatible through the OpenPAYGO Token, an open source technology built by PaygOps and The EnAccess Foundation that aims at enabling any product with Paygo capability which is compatible with any Paygo management platform, including PaygOps.

Designed for customers who are at the beginning of the energy ladder, the new bPower20 product will be rolled out initially in key markets Rwanda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo, with further markets lined up for 2021.

Shell has granted $1.7 million to six companies providing electricity in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda. The companies are d.light, PowerGen, Husk Power Systems, Orb Energy, SolarNow and RVE.SOL.

The round was led by Clean Energy Ventures and Breakthrough Energy Ventures, alongside Goodwell Investments, in partnership with Alitheia Capital, Total Energy Ventures, and other notable investors.

In 2011, Acumen became Orb Energy’s first institutional investor.

In this interview, Catherine Adelmann, Founder and CEO of Fosera, explains why the organisation is working to create more climate resilient appliances. She also discusses how their e-cooking device can benefit the environment and end-users.

Signify plans to gradually transition production and to cease operations at the Salina facility, still known to many in the area as Philips Lighting, in the second quarter of 2021, according to information from the company.

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