The Foundation is awarding grants totaling $2 million to four organizations: Dalberg, Dimagi, Medic Mobile and Odyssey Energy Solutions. These grants build on the Foundation’s efforts to improve public health and provide reliable electricity to vulnerable communities worldwide.

The German-headquartered project developer has signed a deal with Pacific Energy’s subsidiary Contract Power to build a hybrid renewable energy project that will power the town of Esperance.

The Access to Energy program from EDPR has set up corporate social responsibility initiatives to address the COVID-19 pandemic in Mozambique and Nigeria.

Those new loans were with two existing solar home system borrowers – M-KOPA in Kenya and PEG Africa in Ghana – as well as long-term financing for the solarisation of Orange’s telecom towers in the Central African Republic.

“The second fund is basically the same strategy as the first, but…the biggest difference is that we opened up a second front in West Africa — more particularly to be in and around the entrepreneurial system in Lagos.”

75 watt solar panel installed on top of the van can power two fans, a mobile charging unit, and a torchlight. These basic facilities provide some amount of relief to the frontline healthcare workers.

Off-grid expert BOS AG supplies energy solutions for cooperative

health care projects.

The mini-grid operator in Tanzania co-funded by the European Commission, has launched a “COVID-19 Relief Program” to support the Tanzanian government and local populations in their effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blockpass has formed an alliance with Liquidstar to provide digital identity solutions for off-grid energy provision in developing countries, with initial focus on COVID-19 relief in Nigeria and other pilots in Africa.

Winch Energy, a company based in London, UK, has recently launched a containerised clinic on the market. Called Winch Clinic, this easy-to-deploy care facility is powered by solar energy.

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