The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) announced today a three-year agreement to research and develop sustainable technologies to make data centers more energy efficient and economically viable.

The Japanese firm has embarked on a mission to distribute one lakh solar lanterns to needy people in Asian and African countries.

Barefoot Power has entered into a 1 million USD deal with Kenya Tea Development Authority to provide solar lighting solutions to small holder tea growers in the country.

Sello Moima, Schneider Electric director for Southern Africa, said the company’s solar power technology is expected to help drive growth of Zambia’s information and communications technology (ICT) and financial sectors.

The global project goal is to donate a total of 100,000 solar lanterns through local social institutions, including non-profit and non-governmental organizations, to non-electrified areas in Asian and African regions by 2018.

The study will help better understand the effects of evening time lighting on aspects of rural community life such as safety, education, productivity and economic development.

Vodacom Tanzania through its foundation has unveiled an e-learning centre powered by solar energy to improve students’ access to learning facilities across rural areas.

The world’s biggest information-technology firm is diving into green technology and the health business. It should take care; its rivals should take notice.

The French company is massively investing in renewable energies and especially in solar energy, which should drive the revenues medium term. According to Philippe Boisseau, in charge of the solar segment at Total S.A., solar energy is becoming more and more competitive.

Social enterprise d.light has teamed up with French oil and gas company Total to sell solar lights to low-income rural households in Africa and India.

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