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International report points to progress on electricity access, but finds clean cooking solutions and renewable energy in transportation and heating...

In the quest to finding lasting solutions to the energy challenges that befall Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises in Nigeria (MSMEs), one of the...

21.05.2019 , Vaishali Nigam Sinha - The CSR Journal

Renewable Energy: A Potent Tool For Women Empowerment In Rural India

While otherwise enjoying a phase of robust economic growth, India, unfortunately continues to be plagued by energy poverty. This is more pronounced in...

The Kenya power sector is many things to many people. For some, it is a shining African example of a successful power sector while for others, it is a...

While many have come to recognize the potential for PAYGo solar to deliver affordable, reliable energy to off-grid customers, in the past year the...

The eight finalists hail from Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. They are:

BreastIT (Kampala, Uganda) is a portable, artificial...

Entrepreneurs have a pivotal role to play in Africa’s unemployment crisis. Today over a third of the continent’s young workforce (those aged 15-35)...

India has almost reached the historic goal of universal electrification. But the challenge of supplying 24x7 Power for All remains. Millions of...

Between April 2015 and September 2018, renewable energy technologies were introduced in 3 districts, namely, Lilongwe and Mchinji in Central Malawi...

Street-lighting is important. It allows informal vendors and traders to operate for longer hours and improves road and public safety. It also makes...