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Leading off-grid product database with new developments

The world largest database for off-grid products (www.sendea.biz) is improving its service:

Sendea.biz contains more than 600 DC products from more than 120 manufacturers. All products are listed with detailed information about the technical specifications. The product categories are:

  • Fans
  • Fridges
  • LED bulbs
  • PAYG
  • Power kits
  • Pumps
  • Radios
  • Solar-Home-Systems <12V
  • Solar-Home-Systems 12V
  • Solar lanterns
  • TV
  • And also various other applications, such as Rice cooker, mosquito repellent, kettles, hand drills or electric fences.


Manufacturers of solar products are now able to add the information in which developing country their products are available through local distributors. Download the form here.


Additionally to the opportunity for customers to rate the products, now also external ratings are included. In a first step the "Off-Grid Solar Scorecard" from the University of Edinburgh and the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, is included.