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Weather Data for Sustainable Development in Africa

An initiative of aWhere

Interactive and accessible weather data are instrumental for improved research, more effective extension and greater context in shaping policies related to the agricultural development, environmental initiatives and global health. aWhere Weather provides an interactive platform where researchers, policy makers and others working in the realm of development in Africa can access key weather data for user-selected locations. In addition to viewing data online, users can receive daily or weekly email notifications of weather data for their locations of interest.

Weather data is collected at meteorological stations and interpolated to create accurate data in detailed 9km grids- it’s like having a meteorological station every 9km. The platform offers free access to historical, daily-observed and 8 days of daily forecasted ‘localized’ weather data for locations in West, East, and Southern Africa. Weather Data are available for the following variables:

  • Precipitation 
  • Minimum and Maximum Temperature 
  • Minimum and Maximum Relative Humidity 
  • Solar Radiation 
  • Maximum and Morning Wind Speed 
  • Growing degree days (dynamically calculated for your base and cap temperature) 

Access is free and easy. Register at http://www.awhere.com/en-us/weather-p . Then, you can log back in anytime at me.awhere.com.   

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