In September, the company secured $90m in funding, which is being used to replace unsecured with secured debt. About $69m of the $90m has been drawn down, and once it is all used, new funds will be needed.

The companies will collaborate to install e-Health connectivity solutions in remote clinics, which will provide local medical teams with immediate access to physicians around the world, as well as data analysis over the cloud.

The living lab will validate the latest technologies in order to provide the market with a comprehensive blueprint of how microgrids can be flexibly operated in similar applications.

Sendea UG enables SME to provide sustainable off-grid solutions for Ugandan households, small businesses, farmers, and institutions, create sustainable local jobs and close the gap of the “missing middle” in Ugandan solar sector.

The French company is seeking to develop mini-grids that can be used to power large-scale infrastructure projects.

Through this partnership, Ignite Power is diversifying its offer in rural areas in Africa south of the Sahara.

Swiss-based SmartHelio claims to have witnessed a near 200% jump in demand for its deep-data driven solar asset management solution, which plugs into solar panels or energy storage systems.

More than 3,000 entrepreneurs from 56 countries participated in the global climate competition.

The $5m round of funding includes a $3 million Series A Equity round led by Acumen and FMO, the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank, in addition to a $2m debt facility from investment platform Trine.

Thanks to the OpenPAYGO Token, an open-source solution developed by Solaris Offgrid and The EnAccess Foundation, the Koolhome solar refrigerator is now Paygo-enabled, to offer more flexibility and affordability for customers at the last-mile, through easy payment instalments.

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