The U.S. definition of energy storage typically focuses on electric power in, electric power out – that is, electricity storage. In Germany’s definition is broader, characterized by three main categories: power to heat, power to gas and power to power.

The Galaxy Tab 4 Education is the company's first tablet designed for use in schools and can be used at both primary and secondary levels. It will provide access to education-focused apps, books, and videos.

Living with less, as Thoreau described in Walden, is something many of us seek. We need a reprieve from our gadget-filled lives, so we travel deep into the wilderness, where utility services are sparse and renewable resources are necessary. But what if we want to extend our limited-technology sojourns into a full-blown lifestyle?

Off-grid solar technology could soon offer a pretty stable solution for global cities and villages not reached by the grid. There are still, however, various obstacles to its distribution.

The green technology move also aims to address scarcity in the provision of learning material, low electricity connectivity in public schools as well as access to information, communication and technologies (ICTs).

Meet the best flatscreen TVs designed for the developing world to run on 'off-grid' energy, such as personal solar panels, as named by clean energy initiative Global LEAP.

Samsung East Africa has launched the first Solar Powered Internet School at Kamabare School in Rwanda with an aim of helping school going children get easy access to modern technology.

"Pay-to-own"-systems are able to offer an enlightened installment plan for off-grid households.

Off-grid solar is becoming an increasingly important as solar, in general, grows because these systems possess abilities grid-tied solar doesn’t.

The off-grid solar market is booming. From Tower Power to pay-as-you-go solar, previously untapped clean energy markets are being unlocked by innovative businesses.

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