Solar energy has been surrounded by myths, rumors and false arguments that have dimmed the sunny picture.

The first three of 2,000 solar-powered hammer mills have arrived in Zambia.

Billions were pledged to help poor nations adapt to global warming but trust is eroding as countries such as the US fail to put up the cash.

A simple design process for stand-alone solar PV systems.

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) was awarded “Power Transaction of the Year” by the East African Power Industry for its role in financing the development of an independent solar hybrid mini-grid project in rural Tanzania.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will focus in coming years on tackling Africa's chronic power shortages to try to unlock its economic potential.

In the more than 130 years since Thomas Edison released the electric light bulb on the world, households have more or less gotten electricity one way.

Pradeep Pursnani, Deputy Director of Shell Foundation, said expecting early adopters of modern energy solutions to be the poorest of the poor is an outdated concept.

USADF is currently accepting proposals for Off-Grid solutions from entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia

US hip hop and R&B star Akon, last week unveiled a digital education strategy in Benin.

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