Eleven green energy enterprises and programmes spanning four continents have been announced as winners of the 2015 Ashden Awards.

Much has been made of the power of solar energy to bring electricity to developing countries around the world, especially in Africa.

Supporters of solar power express confidence in long-term prospects because costs are falling.

Groups of women in Kenya are hauling solar devices on donkeys from village to village, providing light and power to homes along the way.

Barefoot College was founded in 1972 to train illiterate grandmothers from around the world as solar-power engineers.

This second phase of funding will award £3.2M through two rounds of funding.

The Premier Global Event for the Off-Grid Solar Lighting and Energy Industry at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

About 1.1 billion people worldwide, which is roughly the population of India, is still living without access to electricity, with most of them concentrated in Africa and Asia, according to the World Bank Group.

Six years after developing the prototype of a solar-powered hearing aid, Deaftronics, a Botswana-based company, is readying to take its technology global

The Ecoboxx is a lightweight, portable power supply, charged with two solar panels, that can provide 50 hours of power.

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