The beneficiaries are drawn from the oil and gas, transportation, power, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, telecoms and aviation industries.

As African cities turn into mega cities, these cities are struggling with waste as landfills overflow, posing health risks to city dwellers who have to contend with pollution.

In a new report, Wood Mackenzie highlights trends that will shape Asia Pacific’s power and renewables markets this decade.

Supply chain is affected due to extended work stoppage in eight key solar manufacturing provinces.

However, successful implementation of solar is futile without regional cooperation to enable expediating the process of implementing solar under a single framework.

The African Development Bank often issues statements that hide loans to African nations under terms like grants, assistance or help.

The $200,000 system, which can store as much as 40 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy, will enable the cattle station to operate completely off-grid – the old diesel generator will now be used for backup, only.

The solar industry is set to change dramatically as energy storage takes off. Solar-plus-storage could prove to be the stable solar business that propels the industry moving forward.

while it is good to see the industry expand its scope and definition with these larger capacity products, we shouldn’t lose sight of those customers at the bottom of the pyramid.

While the renewable energy market in African countries is flourishing, those developers who adequately address the needs of women in their business plans are a step ahead of their competitors.

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