Stop using so much plastic: Stemming the rising tide of plastic pollution starts with individuals, communities and governments – we all have a role to play.

With a previous 50-50 split between equity and debt investment funding for the off-grid market lurching to 84% borrowing, and commentators stating most of this year’s backing was agreed before the onset of Covid-19, fears are mounting about the prospects for the sector.

A single change in our approach to energy efficiency can enable more people around the world to stay cool, benefit consumers, and flatten the curve on cooling-related energy demand and emissions.

When California is on fire, it needs batteries that can keep a home, a hospital, a fire station, a senior center running longer than the four-hour standard of lithium-ion.

Scientists from Universities of Murcia and Eindhoven have developed a methodology that uses modelling and simulation to apply a special kind of dimensioning charts, known as nomograms, in the sizing of off-grid PV systems linked to storage.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) energy accounted for 3.8 million of these jobs, nearly one-third of the total number. IRENA also found that most renewables job creation was highly regionally clustered, with Asia as a whole accounting for 63% of total renewables jobs.

The international event for self-sufficient power supply OFF-GRID Expo + Conference has been firmly scheduled by exhibitors. The Off-Grid community will meet on 3-4 December 2020 (with the TechDay on 2 December) at the Augsburg Fairgrounds. Be part of it!

While around 1.25 billion are considered in transition with access to improved cooking services, the rest still cook with traditional polluting fuels and technologies with severe impacts on health, gender, economic, environmental, and climate outcomes.

Africa faces economic and climate change related risks, and the circular economy can help reduce both.

Instead of generating electricity, oil companies are increasingly looking to use their product to manufacture cheap plastic packaging, which they can sell in lower to middle income countries. The problem? Many countries lack the means to recycle even their own plastics.

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