Decentralised Finance doesn’t only take power away from traditional governmental institutions and corporations, it also may provide an opportunity for underrepresented groups to break away from the restrictions placed on them by the world’s traditional trade and power systems.

FSD Africa, a UK Government financial sector programme, is making an initial investment of £650,000 in a digital solution that will increase access to carbon markets by connecting carbon credits from small-scale green projects across the global south to international buyers.

It is generally easier for countries that offer overseas development finance for energy projects to make low-carbon rules for others, rather than for themselves. Focusing on limiting the emissions of the world’s poorest countries while emissions continue to rise in industrialized countries is clearly misdirected.

The ongoing review of the EIB’s environmental and social standards is a crucial opportunity to ensure transparency and proper scrutiny of all projects supported with European public money.

Fossil fuel subsidies reduce the price of fossil fuels and distort energy markets, further fuelling the climate crisis. Reforming these harmful subsidies can save governments money and free up funds to support clean energy transitions. This infographic visualizes the potential of this critical emission reductions tool - by the numbers.

While delivering clean electricity to the world’s poorest solves one problem, it creates another – an epidemic of toxic e-waste pollution. Why should we take it seriously?

The average Malian consumes less electricity each year than the average Londoner uses to power their tea kettle. If you’re a poor country, insistence on net zero can seem like a ploy to keep you that way.

High hopes for seamless intra-Africa trade under the terms of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) got a boost this week with the formal roll-out of a payments platform by the Africa Export-Import bank (Afreximbank), the continent’s trade finance institution.

Pairing power generating technologies, especially solar, with on-site battery energy storage is likely to become a common trend over the next few years for deploying energy storage.

Darren Tasker, vice president of industrial sales at Volvo Penta of the Americas, discusses the benefits of blending renewable energy sources with diesel generators in a microgrid.

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