With the continuous evolution of the solar market and the realities of the pandemic, there is an increasing demand for information and communication technologies (ICTs) powered by solar energy.

The potency and versatility of renewable energy could make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Healthcare industry happens to be one of the largest energy consumers across the globe.

Easy-to-use equipment including portable respiratory monitoring systems and ventilators with extended battery life are among a collection of new health innovations identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help manage COVID-19 in low-resource settings.

The World Bank Group on Thursday confirmed that it will be discontinuing 'Doing Business' reports. It also added that it will work on new approach to assessing business and investment climate in countries.

To enable stakeholders to jointly design smart and effective end user subsidies, GOGLA, ESMAP/Lighting Global and Africa Clean Energy (ACE), have created the End User Subsidies Lab: pooling knowledge, technical expertise, and funding.

Despite environmental, economic and many other challenges facing coal, pockets of funders continue to finance additional coal-fired generation capacity in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The growing urgency of tackling global warming is colliding with the world’s deeply uneven use of the heat-trapping energy resources that are causing it.

Solving clean cooking provides the biggest triple-bottom-line opportunity of this decade. Such enormous numbers beg the question: Is this a solvable problem? And if the answer is yes, then the second question is: How?

For two rural cooperatives in Hawai‘i and New Mexico, energy sovereignty means taking actions toward decentralizing resources, increasing solar power plus storage, and centering community and the land in the process.

Solaris Offgrid pilots a true receivables finance mechanism in a new joint project with First Growth Ventures and Pawame. Eventually, this project aims at supporting last-mile distributors scaling their operations and providing investors with data transparency and standard formats to unleash new investment opportunities.

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