Some 1.8 – 4.1 million people in developing countries exposed to heat stress. As temperatures rise, affordable and efficient cooling solutions must be found. Meeting the “cooling gap” linked to meeting several SDGs.

More clean energy equals more demand for the materials that make those technologies possible.

In recent months, sonnen has positioned itself well in the U.S. and Australia and Ostermann said expansion into Africa, Latin America and Asia would interest the company.

Impatient to boost electricity supplies for homes and businesses alike, Ethiopia and other African nations are doing deals paving the way to nuclear power plants.

Evolution II, an investment fund owned by Inspired Evolution, will invest 100 million South African rand ($7.47 million) Solar Afriva through Commercial Energy SA. The money will be used to finance off grid on rooftops in Africa.

Increasing power system reliability for those with existing electricity access is a key component of meeting sustainable electricity access goals.

When mobile money transaction fees account for a significant proportion of the average end-user utility bill payment, it can be a significant barrier to widespread adoption.

In the off-grid home of the future, we see solar technology leapfrogging traditional grid infrastructures in favour of much smarter solutions. Solar home systems will power these households, but electricity is only the starting point.

Too few trained workers able to plan, install and maintain solar, wind and other clean energy systems.

Crossboundary Energy Access wants to unlock $11 billion in private capital to bring energy to 100 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. Raising capital has been a struggle despite mini-grids being lauded as a solid solution for electrification.