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Globally, off-grid renewable energy capacity has witnessed a spectacular three-fold increase, from under 2 GW in 2008 to over 6.5 GW in 2017. Countries in Africa and Asia accounted for most of the growth, with more than 53 million people in Africa and 76 million in Asia now using such power sources, according to The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

EDF will design the training modules while Energy Generation, leveraging on its knowledge of the West African market, will implement these modules at various training centres dedicated to power professions.

The expanding home solar market does not mean that every customer always gets the right product to fit their budget. Potential customers are also sometimes tempted to buy a larger system than they can afford, or may suffer an income shock after a purchase has been made, hampering their ability to make repayments.

Connecting households to the grid is not just enough to postulate that they have gained access to electricity. How reliable is the electricity supply? More so, providing households with LPG cooking equipment might look good at the onset, but questions need to be asked about the availability of LPG in the local area as well as its affordability.

The low upfront cost of generators often hides their true cost. Since 2014, SolarKobo has run a survey asking Nigerians about the true cost of owning a generator. This article discusses some of the results of that survey.

There are some problems clean energy from wind and sun cannot solve. Two new studies provide a roadmap of the challenges ahead.

“Off-grid renewable energy is an important contributor to energy access across the developing world having witnessed widespread, rapid growth in deployment over the last few years,” said Dr. Rabia Ferroukhi, Deputy Director of the Knowledge, Policy and Finance at IRENA.

from the mid-2020s onwards, decentralized technologies will be able to bring electricity for the first time to more people than the grid.

Storage, including battery storage technologies, have been widely hailed as a crucial tool to enable widespread integration of renewables, unlock grid flexibility, and bolster grid reliability, and are widely anticipated to have the greatest impact on the African energy sector.


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