In the last five years, a vast array of e-mobility startups have sprung up across sub-Saharan Africa. They focus on micro-mobility, which comprises commuter transport and light cargo transportation and includes electric bikes, scooters and three-wheelers.

A U.S.-Pakistan research group has created a new self-cleaning mechanism for standalone PV systems up to 5 kW in size. The system increases power yields by around 35%.

Smart microgrids control both generators and consumers of power to maximize efficiency.

Achieving electricity for all will require innovation and partnerships that allow energy sector players to move faster to assure sustainable energy access even in remote or rural parts of Africa. One solution is to decentralise energy networks.

The satellites will be monitoring the utilization of electricity through the Electricity Consumption Prediction service under the e-GUIDE Initiative. This program will be available for electricity consumption prediction through high-resolution imaging and the generalization of data collected historically over time.

Searching for distributors in Tanzania? Here is a list of companies.

If the centralized grid of the 20th century was the cable TV of electrification, then mini-grids and smart inverters are YouTube. Just as YouTube distributed the production and consumption of video content, mini-grids and smart inverters will distribute the production and consumption of energy.

The regulations for the solar industry now presented by Epra make one suspicious, because the speed, extent and objectives of the restrictions suggest that there are other motives than just concern about the quality of solar installations. At KPLC, Epra will be gratefully applauded for its good timing.

Despite their negative impact on health and the environment, the reliance on generators remains essential in keeping businesses running in a continent chiefly marked by poor and/or unreliable power supply.

An additional 13 million people across sub-Saharan African countries did not have any access to electricity this year, according to the IEA, an intergovernmental organisation that plays a major role in shaping global energy policy.

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