While most of the current applications of blockchain are focused on cryptocurrencies and payment facilitation using Bitcoin or Ethereum, the technology holds immense potential to revolutionise businesses processes, redefine companies and entire sectors, and transform economies.

Small businesses are integral to climate-change mitigation and adaptation, particularly in the developing world. But international policymakers and financial institutions routinely overlook their contribution, jeopardizing us all.

A new publication by Lonny Grafman and Joshua Pierce offers inspiring stories of communities coming together to harness their own solar energy, and how you can do it too.

Joe Williams, distributed energy resources product manager at Eaton, shares insights on microgrid financing, power purchase agreements and energy-as-a-service.

Often, foreign investors view Africa as a whole, forgetting the continent has 54 countries, each with its political scenario, energy policies, and business regulations.

Solar-home systems and traditional minigrids are seen as the key solutions for rural energy access where the national grid cannot reach - but there remains an access gap between these solutions. Scene, a UK based Social Enterprise, has designed a new type of grid - an Evolving Grid - to address this access gap.

Vodafone (VOD.L) has developed and is trialling an off-grid mobile phone tower, a development which could help the telecoms giant hit net zero by 2027. The new tech is self-powered and will be deployed across the UK if the trial is successful.

For generations, the community of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation in the Yukon had suffered the incessant drone of diesel-powered generators to meet its electricity needs.For the first time since the 1970s, silence descended on the tiny, isolated village of Old Crow in Canada’s Arctic in August.

Telecom operators in Africa are significantly cutting the use of diesel to power their base stations as the race to Net-Zero emissions heats up.

The facility has technical assistance and concessional financing instruments to remove market barriers, develop a portfolio of bankable projects and improve the risk profile of investments.

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