Solar charkha, a modified version of Gandhiji's spinning wheel, has given these women a strong reason to give up desi daru supply.

Vanadium is an abundant silvery-gray metal, cousin to niobium and tantalum, that is primarily mined in China, Russia, South Africa and Brazil.

There’s currently a lot of talk about how we support environmental legislation while balancing a grid under pressure, not to mention how to meet future energy demands. In answering those questions, there are many different solutions being discussed and explored.

On Sept 10, six African countries, namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Mali, Niger and Togo, officially launched a global initiative to raise funds, under the International Solar Alliance.

The shift to renewables will see mining operations moving away from the present standard of traditional fuel sources - mainly fossil fuel-based grid power or off-grid diesel-generated power.

The 2018 edition of the Nuclear Industry Status Report (WNISR) reveals that new nuclear power capacity grew by only 1% in 2017, while wind and solar saw their share increase by 17% and 35%, respectively. The report also recognizes that solar and wind are now the cheapest grid-connected sources of energy.

Watch the 1st episode of #SolarisFieldStories featuring GOGLA Lighting & GAIA Impact Fund.

Cheap supplies of disposable batteries and lamps mostly from China, have found their way into the most remote villages in Africa.

Why aren’t investors also investing as much in the urban segment of the industry given that there are no less than 110 million Africans in the urban and peri-urban areas without access to electricity?

The scheme, dubbed Peace Renewable Energy Credit (PREC), is intended to help existing international humanitarian and peace operations utilize solar and renewable energy power generators, thus making them independent from local fuel supply chains, which are often tied up in the conflict.


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