Western Power has installed six stand-alone solar and battery storage power systems at six different properties as part of pilot project which aims to shape the future of how electricity can be delivered to rural and remote customers.

A solar entrepreneur struggles to get finance, while a minister defends a superfluous LNG terminal at London’s Africa Energy Forum.

One of the most interesting challenges is lack of communication between the on-grid and off-grid worlds.

The “eco compact” is designed to maximize on-site solar consumption in markets where net metering is getting phased out.

The learning labs are constructed inside standard shipping containers, using Dell’s Wyse thin client computers and Dell PowerEdge Servers to create a computer-empowered learning space.

There is a significant shortage of skills on the ground, particularly at a project manager and site manager level.

Story about D.light cofounder Sam Goldman

Power projects built by Chinese companies across the sub-Saharan Africa region are contributing significantly to the region’s power sector expansion, with China setting itself up as a major source of financing in Africa.

Siemens plans to launch a new unit October 1 that will invest more than $1.1 billion over five years in decentralized electricity startups and other fledgling disruptive technology companies.

The days of the smoke-belching, diesel-fueled jeepneys will soon be a thing of the past with the arrival of solar-powered vehicles that are expected to make their debut in the next few months.


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