Homeowners need an online quote platform, which offers a seamless buying experience. This can increase solar power awareness among Indian homeowners and help grow the adoption of rooftop solar power in the Indian residential market.

Nearly half the population in 15 major cities in the global south lacks access to public piped water systems, with access lowest in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. For these households without public piped water, water from other sources is either too expensive or too unsafe.

Systemic change will only happen if money flows to sustainable energy start-ups that are creating disruptive social and environmental change. Backing the same old solutions won’t solve the climate emergency.

It’s easy for batteries to thrive in laboratory conditions or computer simulations. Too often, these perfect conditions are the source of marketing claims like 10-year guarantees. But the real world isn’t as forgiving. In the field, experimental battery designs can fail early.

The acquisition combines two significant microgrid companies in Africa and will help build momentum for private utilities on the continent.

How does the clean cooking industry reach rural wood collectors? While studies show that this population could afford improved cooking solutions that are under $10, there are no market-based solutions that can bring the top-tier, cleanest solutions to the 1.7 billion people who collect free biomass fuel.

Mini-grid customers’ electricity consumption is limited both by how much they can afford, and what they can do with the electricity. So why don’t customers buy more appliances and use more power?

With a vision to end the drudgery of manual rickshaw pulling, social enterprise SMV Green is also helping restore clean air in one of India’s most polluted cities through electric rickshaws.

Media reports suggest an elaborate scheme of cronyism in the procurement of private sector involvement in the country’s energy industry. Our study sought to understand how young educated adults – described in our study as prospective elites – reacted to corrupt opportunities.

With the world running out of arable land and water to feed a growing population, agri-tech start-ups could play a major role in cutting food loss and improving farming practices.

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