"No cough anymore": How solar light improves life

A study of Planète d'Entrepreneurs shows very clearly the amazing social and economic impacts for off-grid customers thanks to solar energy. The study was made in rural areas of the Philippines at customers using a mobile lantern (SunTransfer 2). Here the main impacts:

Economic Situation

  • Main sources of savings are kerosene, the mobile phone charging.

  • 37% of customers claim they can work more at night or develop new activities which enable them to earn an additional income. (NOTE: This figure does not take into account customers who work more at night without earning more, e.g. teachers).


  • 97% of the parents think their children are more motivated to read and learn since they work with a solar lantern.

  • The studying time per child going to school has increased by 45% in average.


  • 95% of customers admitted that reducing their kerosene consumption had curbed the indoor pollution of the household.

  • The main reasons they spontaneously mentioned to evidence this improvement are the fact that they cough less (56%), the reduction of the black particles in the nose (46%), and the decrease in the walls’ dirtiness (44%).


  • 97% of customers feel safer since they have solar lantern.

  • If the safety feeling appears to be directly linked to the kerosene dangerous use and handling (49% for the fumes and 47% for fire hazard), customers sometimes mentioned the fact that solar lamps could be used in case of typhoon, and also the reduction of electric shock hazard.


  • Off-grid customers save in average 7h30 per month by reducing the frequency of mobile phone / rechargeable flashlights charges outside home.

Source: Planète d'Entrepreneurs, Social Impact Assessment: Stiftung Solarenergie (StS) & Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi) Philippines. Download full report here.