Press release: World’s first solar powered irrigation pump with a five-year warranty launches in Kenya

In a sector that is rife with unreliability from small irrigation pumps, both petrol and solar, there is now a pump that is so robust that the manufacturers, Futurepump Ltd, are confidently supplying it with a full five-year warranty.

Futurepump manufactures the SF2 in its own ISO 9001:2015 factory in India and following the success of its previous model, the SF1, have now developed a new pump capable of delivering up to one litre of water per second. The new features of this model answer all the requests from users and finance companies: it’s smaller, more powerful, more robust and remotely monitored.

The solar irrigation market is starting to get infiltrated by cheap, poor quality imports that are unable to handle the environment found on a typical Kenyan farm. Mud, sand, grit and running dry etc all mean significant problems to substandard submersible pumps, but the SF2 has no problem handling whatever it finds in a Kenya farm water supply.

Toby Hammond, Futurepump Managing Director, said “the SF2 is the embodiment of all of our experience with selling over 2,500 solar pumps to date. Its Dutch design is more portable, more robust, and pumps the most water for the price tag of any solar pump on the market.

The SF2 can deliver up to a litre/second of water, and lift it up 30 feet vertically. This provides a farm with over 21,000 litres of water per day, whilst avoiding any fuel costs. It works with hoses, tanks, sprinklers or drip irrigation systems, and is ideal for any farmer serious about making money from horticulture all year round.

Behind the scenes, all SF2 pumps offer built-in GSM monitoring, enabling Futurepump partners to access data on the usage and performance of each pump via a cloud database and dashboard, as well as pump location-tracking.

The SF2 is sold across Kenya by a network of distributors including Davis and Shirtliff, Solarnow and Suntransfer, and the KES 68,000 price tag can be spread over two years with a loan from either Equity bank or KCB.