A pilot project in the Solomon Islands is training women to become solar technicians and entrepreneurs.

Arso Amba will become the next solar village of Stiftung Solarenergie in Ethiopia.

Hong Kong manufacturer of high quality solar systems will assemble solar lanterns and modular Solar-Home-Systems in Ethiopia for local market.

SunTransfer Kenya sells Solar-Home-Systems with next generation of SunControl payment-charge controler.

Niwa-Solar products for solar companies in Philippines and Ethiopia.

But the World Bank's commitment neglects off-grid solutions!

Impact is that the children are much more motivated to study and they study 45 per cent longer.

Samsung transforms a shipping container into a portable classroom to bridge the divide between rural and urban Ghanaian schools.

THE Lagos State Government has announced plans to provide solar power to all public schools in the state.

The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund announces next round of the REACT Funding Window. REACT is open to business ideas based on low cost renewable energy and solutions (technologies, products, services) that can help rural people adapt to climate change.

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