In a study by the World Future Council and the Heinrich Boll Stiftung, energy poverty is widespread in many parts of Africa.

Due to chronic power outages and otherwise inadequate or nonexistent electrical service in many areas of Yemen, a small number of Yemenis are resorting to the use of solar energy.

Barefoot Power has entered into a 1 million USD deal with Kenya Tea Development Authority to provide solar lighting solutions to small holder tea growers in the country.

Most of the people in third world countries take all types of renewable energy very costly as far as their installation is concerned.

Raising money in the off-grid clean energy sector is tough. That’s why a recent acquisition is a big deal.

Khosla Impact Is Investing Nearly $2M in a Plug-and-Play Solar Firm.

Sello Moima, Schneider Electric director for Southern Africa, said the company’s solar power technology is expected to help drive growth of Zambia’s information and communications technology (ICT) and financial sectors.

Beyond Off Grid is a new documentary that investigates why we should strive to live a more self-reliant lifestyle and away from the antiquated and overly taxed power grid.

Kerosene lamps are expensive, unsafe and unhealthy, they also provide only a dim light. But while solar alternatives are far cleaner and cheaper, widespread use of this technology will rely on innovative forms of payment and distribution.

The World Bank is working with Nigeria to obtain $100 million for a clean technology energy fund - no money for off-grid!

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