Living with less, as Thoreau described in Walden, is something many of us seek. We need a reprieve from our gadget-filled lives, so we travel deep into the wilderness, where utility services are sparse and renewable resources are necessary. But what if we want to extend our limited-technology sojourns into a full-blown lifestyle?

Off-grid solar technology could soon offer a pretty stable solution for global cities and villages not reached by the grid. There are still, however, various obstacles to its distribution.

Meet the best flatscreen TVs designed for the developing world to run on 'off-grid' energy, such as personal solar panels, as named by clean energy initiative Global LEAP.

"Pay-to-own"-systems are able to offer an enlightened installment plan for off-grid households.

Off-grid solar is becoming an increasingly important as solar, in general, grows because these systems possess abilities grid-tied solar doesn’t.

The off-grid solar market is booming. From Tower Power to pay-as-you-go solar, previously untapped clean energy markets are being unlocked by innovative businesses.

Bangladesh’s Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) has won the ‘Asia Power and Electricity Award 2014’ in the category of ‘Solar Project of the Year’.

Many African governments are leveraging ICTs to advance their socioeconomic landscapes. But the governments continue to grapple with a myriad of challenges towards effective implementation of ICT.

Eight off-grid lighting (OGL) distributors have been awarded grants in an effort to increase access to reliable and affordable OGL solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid.

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) announced today a three-year agreement to research and develop sustainable technologies to make data centers more energy efficient and economically viable.

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