The Winneshiek County Recycling Department recently installed a one-of-a-kind, off-the-grid solar lighting system at its drop-off center in Freeport.

The global project goal is to donate a total of 100,000 solar lanterns through local social institutions, including non-profit and non-governmental organizations, to non-electrified areas in Asian and African regions by 2018.

If you need inspiration to go solar in 2014, check out these countries that are installing solar and markedly improving the quality of life of their citizens.

A new study identifies the least cost rural electrification options that can bring the persistent energy poverty to an end in Sub Saharan Africa. Solar wins.

The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association outlines progress at recent talks to develop an efficient lighting strategy for West Africa.

The study will help better understand the effects of evening time lighting on aspects of rural community life such as safety, education, productivity and economic development.

The survey seeks to find out about the financing mechanisms already in place, the barriers that are encountered and possible solutions. Support this study by taking a couple of minutes to participate in our online survey!

When we first built our home and considered whether we should go off grid or on grid we chose on grid. In retrospect that may have been the wrong decision.

At the Off-Grid PV workshop on the second day of the Forum Solarpraxis conference in Berlin experts discussed the opportunities, obstacles and trends of the market.

Africa needs to invest about US$100billion in solar power over the next decade if it is to wean itself from sources of energy which are widely regarded as unsustainable.

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