The acid test for business leadership on sustainability will be when they tell us to consume less of what they produce so we can live within our planetary means.

Off-grid solar entrepreneur Xavier Helgesen describes a new framework for performance-based projects in developing countries.

They added around 4% points to electricity access rates-World Bank.

African countries need to focus more on solar energy that is readily available and getting cheaper every day, rather invest heavily in hydro and coal power units that get expensive with time.

One South African company has created an ethically-conscious platform for entrepreneurs from the continent -- and it's leaving its rivals by the wayside in the process.

Stuart Hart talks about how Indian micro finance institutions can work towards cleaning their negative image.

Daimler plans to offer a Mercedes-Benz-branded lithium-ion battery for home energy storage solutions.

A new demo village in southern Israel’s Arava Desert showcases cutting-edge Israeli solutions for housing, energy, water and agriculture needs of populations out of reach of national water and energy grids in any part of the world.

Programme will help meet Delhi’s renewable purchase obligation target by over 6 per cent

Light has shone brighter on the rural people who now have access to electricity through the rural electrification projects.

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