African economies may be booming, but continued growth and quality of life are being jeopardised by lack of power.

If you look at the right data, sub-Saharan Africa has enjoyed rapid, healthy economic growth over the last decade.

In Zanzibar, local resident Kanoa Sharif Haji says that LED lights powered by rooftop solar have enabled her to significantly raise her family’s income because she can weave at night.

While everyone waits to see the US conglomerate’s real impact, there’s already a crop of savvy entrepreneurs from Africa changing the way people keep the lights on with innovative renewable energy solutions.

The Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative today announced the winners of its Global Efficiency Medal competition for super-efficient household LED light bulbs.

Program to help organize and drive growth of off-grid renewable energy and appliance market.

Improving lives can generate financial gains, research finds

For many towns in rural India, there isn't enough electricity nor enough people to make electric-powered desalination economically viable.

Apart from lighting up villages, the programme has also become an important tool for empowering rural women, many of whom are illiterate.

The acid test for business leadership on sustainability will be when they tell us to consume less of what they produce so we can live within our planetary means.

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