Khosla Impact Is Investing Nearly $2M in a Plug-and-Play Solar Firm.

Beyond Off Grid is a new documentary that investigates why we should strive to live a more self-reliant lifestyle and away from the antiquated and overly taxed power grid.

Kerosene lamps are expensive, unsafe and unhealthy, they also provide only a dim light. But while solar alternatives are far cleaner and cheaper, widespread use of this technology will rely on innovative forms of payment and distribution.

The World Bank is working with Nigeria to obtain $100 million for a clean technology energy fund - no money for off-grid!

Perhaps surprisingly, modern consumer technologies like mobile phones and televisions are proving to be a driving force in delivering clean, reliable electricity to off-grid populations.

Is it naïve to think there is anything beyond PR and greenwashing in corporate sustainability statements?

A South African company aims to use the expansion of the cellular communications network to help bring electrification to the massive rural areas of the continent.

As Africa modernizes and solar costs trend lower, solar energy is poised to play an integral part in Africa's electrification.

The Winneshiek County Recycling Department recently installed a one-of-a-kind, off-the-grid solar lighting system at its drop-off center in Freeport.

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