Too often in human history, access to reliable and affordable energy has been a privilege for the few when it should be a basic right for all. This has been especially true in Africa where hundreds of millions of people still have no electricity.


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the over-reliance of countries on China to carry through their energy transition.

For many years, energy developers have believed that mini-grids offer a solution for providing communities and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa with low-cost, reliable, and clean power – particularly in places out of reach of existing power grids.

German energy storage giant Sonnen has unveiled a new home and small commercial battery storage range, which includes a “performance” model that can store up to 55kWh, and a three-phase “island” solution that can power a house through a blackout.

Developing countries have made record renewable energies investments in 2019, a new report has found. As the Covid-19 crisis is having an immediate impact on renewables projects, experts say economic recovery plans must include clean energy.

The World Bank is helping countries adopt emerging approaches to electricity service delivery and deploy technological innovations that have substantially increased the number of households with service in a short amount of time.

The need of the hour is a comprehensive solar manufacturing policy, which brings manufacturers on equal footing with global counterparts, in terms of incentives.

Geography doesn’t define quality. With business again growing across Asia, solar sourcing can still be accomplished by applying some basic rules to find reliable suppliers regardless of location.

It is worth emphasizing that agency banking exists independent of solar companies – however, the success of agent banks in last-mile communities is contingent on the presence of demand for their service. For off-grid communities, access to affordable solar power that runs cheaper than their current alternatives is a necessity.

Connecting hundreds of millions of people to electricity for the first time may also sound like an unreachable goal. Just like Musk and the SpaceX team, we must adhere to our goal and belief, and work continuously to succeed.

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