Key findings of a new report, including a review of these battery technologies most valuable to solar-plus-storage.

The region "has failed to translate its anti-corruption commitments into any real progress", the latest index published by Transparency International (TI) says.

Priority focus 1.2 billion with no access; next step: 2.4 billion without access to clean sources

Shell said the ability to flex the system will allow it to see how the equipment performs in different scenarios, which will aid the understanding of how to best deploy renewable energy resources.

The Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, has positioned itself in the commercial off-grid energy sector by increasing its capacity to rapidly deploy solar kits in off-grid communities around the world.

Researchers from MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering are working to reduce costs with a concept that stores excess renewable energy in tanks of molten silicon. When supply is scarce, the light from the white-hot silicon can be converted back into electricity.

A string of news announcements emerged in December, capping off what has been an active, busy 2018 in the emerging markets sector, highlighting the latest efforts to realize climate change goals.

Africa’s power problem is a trans-continental issue, and every region (with the exception of North Africa, which has an access rate of 97 percent) has been struggling to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of power infrastructure.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has argued that nuclear power is an ideal technology to decarbonise the global energy system, as it is less prone to volatility and variable outputs compared to renewables.

From the end of the 1990s, African states became aware of the need to plan economic, social and energy development in the long term. 35 countries then drafted a national attendance plan in 2025 or 2030.