Located in Victoria's remote high country, Licola Wilderness Village has become the first Victorian town to go completely off grid with solar energy.

Revolution is possible in the next few years to develop products and business models that can replace privately operated back-up generators at scale.

Data from new research by Harvard University and the University of Leicester suggests a future powered by fossil fuels on the continent will result in nearly 50,000 deaths per year by 2030 from power plant and vehicle emissions alone.

The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has said that aboutthree billion people still lack access to clean energy fuels while another one billion also lack same for electricity.

The EIB expects the gender-lending initiative SheInvest to allow women to play a more active role in economies.

Africa and its upstream operators show no signs of tempering their quest for oil and coal despite growing pressure over climate change and a wider industry shift towards more costly renewables and lower-carbon natural gas.

Kenya-based pay-as-you-go-solar company, M-Kopa will be the first beneficiary of the fund.

Off-grid companies based in Norway will be able to benefit from the Norwegian Government’s guarantee. The off-grid solutions they provide are easy to install and less expensive.

Inficold solar integration doesn’t require off-grid solar inverter or electric batteries, and is most useful in case of sudden and prolonged power cuts.

As many as 680 million people living in urban slums are said to have little or no cooling to protect them in a heatwave – a rise of 50 million people in the past year – with an additional 365 million people living in poor rural areas also at high risk.

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