Governments need to start moving from only addressing the availability of electricity access to focusing on improving its quality and reliability.

The initiative focusses on solving the problems around reliable electricity which has challenged many a business and also affects the livelihood opportunities and incomes of households.

What makes it so difficult to predict energy consumption at a site? Electricity demand is influenced by numerous factors, and it is challenging to isolate the relative importance of each factor and understand how they interact with each other.

Expanding energy access across Africa with off-grid and mini-grid technologies offers $120 billion a year opportunity to power rural transformation, says a new report.

A lack of significant progress on electrification has ominous implications not only for achieving SDG7 but also for development ambitions in many other energy-dependent sectors, from agriculture to health and literacy to economic growth and poverty reduction.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), last year’s growth was primarily driven by five specific countries: Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Ghana.

The Sahiwal Coal Power Project transformed the agricultural heartland of Punjab, and the lives of those living around it.

Before the scheme began, villagers relied on candles for light, and they typically could afford only around an hour of candlelight for working or studying in the evenings. Now the tiny community of Id Mjahdi is being touted as Africa's first completely solar-powered village.

Ensuring everyone in developing countries has the same access to modern energy services that residents of the advanced economies take for granted will require an enormous rise in electricity generation.

ADF will support Africa’s vulnerable countries by tackling the root causes of fragility, strengthening resilience, and mainstreaming cross-cutting issues. These include gender, climate change, governance, private sector development, and job creation.

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