SolarSPELL is designed to deliver curated content to remote, unconnected or off-grid regions.

WRI’s new Energy Access Explorer platform leverages satellite imagery combined with local data to visualize energy supply and demand. Energy Access Explorer shows that there is significant renewable energy potential in unserved and underserved areas of East Africa.

Partnership raises funds for rapid response to communities recovering from disaster.

Designing for the base of the pyramid (BoP) requires an especially focused approach - says Jordan Westerberg, Industrial Design Lead at Factor[e]

Not everyone can afford solar energy. Both approaches (Mini-Grid and SHS) have the tendency to address primarily the rural middle class. Subsides that are often incorporated in both approaches do not reach the poorest of the poor. It becomes obvious that development efforts must be undertaken beyond electrification.

The effect of irrigation systems on the crop has been dramatic and known for many years: the crops are higher, the amount increases, and the season lengthens. Thus, the absence of irrigation systems in 94 per cent of agricultural lands (96 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa) is the main reason why the sector’s productivity is considered to be the lowest in the world.

In 2018, Africa received less than 15 per cent of global energy investment. And much of those limited funds are still going toward yesterday’s technologies: Nearly 60 per cent of Africa’s public investment in energy went to fossil fuels. This approach is not only environmentally irresponsible; it also makes little economic sense.

Despite several benefits, corporate PPAs have struggled to take off in sub-Saharan Africa, commonly as a result of regulatory challenges. That being said, there are signals that several markets are evolving and opening up the potential for corporate PPAs.

A Singapore-based renewables startup is on a mission to replace polluting diesel-powered boats with solar-charged electric vessels in Southeast Asia, inspired by a Swedish furniture retailer’s disruptive approach to part distribution and assembly.

Homeowners need an online quote platform, which offers a seamless buying experience. This can increase solar power awareness among Indian homeowners and help grow the adoption of rooftop solar power in the Indian residential market.

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