From solar-powered ground pumps to 3D-printed filters, new technology can help solve water shortages in African cities facing rapid growth.

When people first heard the nonprofit I founded was being acquired, they seemed puzzled instead of excited when hearing the news.

Despite their absence from many clinic electrification efforts, appropriately designed, highly energy-efficient appliances and medical devices can dramatically expand health service provision at off-grid clinics while also reducing the cost of clinic electrification overall.

Rickshaw is providing commuters with an environmental-friendly last mile connectivity solution at cheap rates.

In a survey of 111 countries the World Bank found nearly 80 percent had begun to adopt policies to expand electrical grids, connecting to solar and wind generation.

Africa emits less than 4% of global CO2 but struggles to provide electricity to half its population. Energy infrastructure built today could have massive impacts on future emissions and living standards.

With a thriving off-grid solar market and hundreds of millions of people waiting for electricity, the continent offers huge potential for renewables.

From Ghana to Madagascar, Africa’s coal power pipeline is widening. But African countries could be plunged into a vicious circle of coal dependency due to a rise in coal mining activities and power plants built around the continent.

Technological advances are changing the way energy is produced and shared.

Located in Victoria's remote high country, Licola Wilderness Village has become the first Victorian town to go completely off grid with solar energy.

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