In 1990, East Asia accounted for half of the global poor, whereas some 15 per cent lived in sub-Saharan Africa; by 2015 forecasts, this is almost exactly reversed: sub-Saharan Africa accounts for half of the global poor, with some 12 per cent living in East Asia.

Millions of women already are producers of energy – specifically of bioenergy for poor households. To support sustainable development and gender goals, more attention needs to be given to these women energy producers who have remained largely invisible in much of the energy discourse.

Searching for distributors in Uganda? Here is a list of companies.

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The longer that governments fail to address the electricity and clean-fuel problem, and the faster Africa’s population grows, many more people risk premature death from pollution.

Few words are as polarizing in the financial inclusion community as “impact.” While everybody desires impact, we can’t seem to agree on what we mean by it, on methods to measure it, or on how to proceed when we don’t find evidence of it. Nowhere is this clearer than in debates about financial services for micro and small enterprises (MSEs).

840 million people still don’t have access to electricity today, according to the World Bank. But the radical decrease in the cost of the green technologies of solar and battery storage provides an unparalleled opportunity to close this gap.

A new invention that uses sunlight to drive water purification could help solve the problem of providing clean water off the grid.

The USD 3 billion in support for fossil fuels provided by the nine MDBs in 2020 is fundamentally at odds with their many statements of support for a green recovery and a transition to the green economy.

Introducing supply-side and enabling environment interventions alongside end-user subsidies not only makes off-grid solar accessible to a greater proportion of the population, but also lowers operational costs for off-grid energy service providers.

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