If “creating a better world” is your main selling point, you’ll never make it past the Fair Trade shops. You have to give people a better reason to buy from you.

The OneBox, from Indian Vision Mechatronics, consists of a lithium battery, hybrid inverter and solar charge controller to give a hassle-free solution for electricity back-up during power outages.

Researchers from China are proposing to use spent battery lead for creating a perovskite that can be used in the production of solar cells that are based on this promising material.

More than 200 investors from Scotland have invested £15 million to fight climate change and help African communities access renewable energy.

While China is slowly starting to get back to work after an extended shutdown to contain the virus’ spread, many factories are still not at full capacity amid a lack of staff and raw materials.

According to the official, the program was supposed to be implemented four years ago, however, due to some standards-related issues, it was postponed until the current year.

Despite of enormous potential of energy resources, the region still faced significant challenges in energy supply towards meeting ever increasingly demand due to economic and population growth.

The long-term financing consists of increased support for infrastructure that promotes the growth of the private sector and making new financing available for climate and sustainable development investments.

The seven-level inverter, with five power semiconductor switches, is said to be particularly efficient at reducing switching losses thanks to a pulse width modulation technique.

A study has attempted to provide detailed analysis of the beneficial impact off-grid renewables, led by solar, are having on people in the world’s least developed countries.

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