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Rural health stations are particularly important for the goal of slowing or preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

They are centres for...

Reliable, affordable electricity is needed to keep people connected at home and to run life-saving equipment in hospitals

Humanitarian agencies have a poor record when it comes to installing and maintaining off-grid solar PV systems. Because of this, many agencies...

01.04.2020 , Andy Kessler

Give Philanthropy the Market Test

A project to electrify rural India shows how investment helps the poor more than aid.

Africa cannot afford to be left behind in the global transition to renewable energy, but many challenges lie in its way, says Dianna Games

How a coordinated and well-funded global response is needed to combat health crises.

19.03.2020 , Harald Schützeichel

Corona emergency aid project

Sun-Connect News promotes the Corona emergency aid project of Stiftung Solarenergie: Solar for health stations in East Africa

It’s a satisfying moment when, instead of discussing why gender equality is important, we find ourselves accepting this well-worn truth and...

Integrating time-tested technology with emerging innovations, remote Isle au Haut could be a renewable energy model for the rest of the world.

In Sahibganj district, north-eastern Jharkhand, Premjyoti Hospital is the only medical facility within a radius of 200 km, that has the staff and...


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