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29.05.2013 , Mark Hankins

Why Africa is Missing the Solar Power.

How we can move solar forward

Earlier this year Endeavor Insight, the research arm of Endeavor, cited evidence indicating that when faced with tradeoffs between social and...

A project of myclimate, Zürich

A report from "Practical Action"

Nominations are now open for the first round of the Global LEAP Outstanding Off-Grid Product Awards. The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership...

Functioning and efficient financing options for end customers are a key in order to achieve larger solar home systems, and therefore sustainable...

A plea for more customer focus and less social orientation.

A new study authored by Tim Gengnagel, Philipp Wollburg, Evan Mills

The giant software company has worked out a way to deliver cheap high-speed Internet to remote locations where there are no power or phone lines....

With an estimated value of almost $40 billion US$, the global off-grid market is dominated by international oil giants like Shell, Esso and British...


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